Antonio Rudiger reveals what Real Madrid fans should expect from him


German international defender Antonio Rudiger completed a free transfer to Real Madrid this summer after his contract with Premier League side Chelsea expired this summer.

Rudiger will be presented to the media on Monday June 20 following his transfer to Real Madrid.

Ahead of his transfer to presentation on Monday, Rudiger revealed Real Madrid fans should also expect goals from him as he is a defender that loves going forward.

Speaking to Marca, Antonio Rudiger acknowledged he is a defender who, as well as defending, likes to go forward.

He said: “Yes, that’s how it is. There are certain areas of the field in which you can be dangerous and I try to score as many goals as possible.

“I have almost always played in teams where we had possession and that has helped me to learn a lot.

“I’ve already said that football is made up of chapters and in each chapter I’ve grown as a player.”

Antonio Rudiger also expects Real Madrid fans to see his leadership qualities when he wears the famous white shirt.

He added: “Leadership is something that comes naturally.

“As a defender you have to make yourself feel present, talk to your teammates‚Ķ That’s what I try to do.

“I like to have good communication, motivate. I think it’s something that comes naturally to me, it’s not an act, it just comes out like that.”

Rudiger also added that Real Madrid’s winning mentality also goes with his character of always wanting to win.

Asked if Real Madrid’s 14 Champions League trophies puts an extra pressure on the new player, Rudiger continued: “Yes, it is pressure, but it is the history of Real Madrid.

“They are used to winning and the mentality is that: to win. But their winning mentality goes with my character.”

Antonio Rudiger also revealed his conversation with Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti.

He said: “Yes, I have spoken with him. It was a very welcoming conversation.

“He told me that everyone was very happy to have me at Madrid, and that makes me very happy.

“It’s clear that Ancelotti is one of the people who make Real Madrid very strong, but he isn’t the only one.

“There are Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Casemiro‚Ķ He told me they were all very happy and that makes me proud.

“It also makes me realise that I have done well these last three years, and that gives me motivation to do even better at Real Madrid.”