Florentino Perez responds after Real Madrid fan tells him never to sign Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe Perez

France international Kylian Mbappe abandoned his childhood dream of playing for Real Madrid and instead chose to extend his Paris Saint-Germain contract.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez believes Mbappe is already regretting his decision to turn down a move to Real Madrid this summer.

Following Mbappe’s decision to ignore a move to Real Madrid this summer, a Real Madrid fan asked club president Florentino Perez never to sign the France international.

“Florentino, don’t try to sign Mbappe anymore, ok?” Real Madrid fan told Florentino Perez while getting his photo signed.

“Poor man, he must already be regretting his decision,” Florentino Perez replied.

Mbappe’s decision, after more than a year of publicly flirting with Real Madrid, has left everybody in the Spanish capital somewhat angry, surprised, and confused. Some even feel betrayed by what happened.

What has Perez already said about Mbappe?

He told El Chiringuito: “Mbappe conveyed to the whole world his desire, his dream, to play for Real Madrid – he stated that publicly.

“We wanted to do it in August but it wasn’t possible, they wouldn’t let him go.

“It took a long time. We had to wait a year, that year passed and then the situation changed. I think it was due to political pressure and I think it was also economic.

“[PSG] practically offered him not only to be the leader of the team, but also of the management.

“It was at that point that we saw it wasn’t the same Mbappe that we wanted to sign. He changed his dreams as a result of pressure.

“If a kid is called by the president of a country (Emmanuel Macron), of course it’ll affect him.

“What makes no sense is that he did it at all – it influenced him a lot – but he could have succeeded at Real Madrid, just as Zidane did, and still be a source of pride for his country.

“Madridistas will be disappointed, but the Mbappe who wanted to come to Real Madrid was not this Mbappe.”