34 years old and 36 years old Real Madrid stars better now than 7 years ago – Lucas Vazquez

Karim Benzema Luka Modric
Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid star Lucas Vazquez has claimed 34 year old Karim Benzema and 36 year old Luka Modric are better now than they were seven years ago.

According to Vazquez, Karim Benzema and Luka Modric are great role models for the squad’s young players.

Vazquez told media outlet AS: “The word is example. They are players who, at 34 years old Karim and 36 years old Luka, are the ones who run the most in games. They are very important players for us.

“Who would have thought that Luka would play at the age of 36 in the starting midfield every game?!

“That Benzema was going to be Real Madrid’s number 9, the league’s top scorer, scoring 44 goals this season at the age of 34?!

“That shows that football has changed, that the players are taking more care of themselves, they are more professional.

“They are an example for the whole world. Modric is better now at 36 than when I arrived and he was 29. Karim is the same: he is a better player now than he was seven years ago.

“I have seen his evolution and I have been able to enjoy his football. It is something wonderful. They are two examples, not only for the people of Madrid, but for world football.”