Breaking: Real Madrid star poisoned and robbed

Fede Valverde Real Madrid

Real Madrid star Fede Valverde and his partner Mina Bonino were poisoned and rubbed while on holiday in Ibiza.

According to Valverde’s partner, their food was poisoned and they had €10,000 in cash stolen from them.

She believes the chef that they hired could be behind the food poisoning and robbery.

“We were told that the food could have been poisoned by the chef, so they took us to the hospital for substance testing,” Bonino recounted on Instagram.

“When we arrived at the house, the chef was already there. He told me at that moment that there was only one key and that he was going to take it with him so that the next day he could come back to make breakfast and not bother us.”

“The next day I couldn’t even get up,” the partner of the Real Madrid star continued.

“I sent a message to Leslie to take my son because everything was turning me upside down.

“I felt very bad, but I thought it was because I’m a bit of a bum and I’m in a very bad physical condition.”

“Within the hour I come downstairs and see my three suitcases in the living room. There were flip-flops of mine lying around and Leslie was tidying everything up.

“She said to me, ‘Were you looking for something?’ As I still wasn’t sober I must have laughed, I didn’t understand a thing.

“When we were all about to leave for the beach I said, ‘I’m going to grab some money.’ I opened my wallet and it was empty.

“Then the chef appeared and told me that when he arrived he saw everything in disarray.”

To add to the suspicion, the chef quit his job and left the house.

“I don’t want to continue with the service. I am not comfortable with the people who work in the agency because this always happens with them,” Bonino said.

“The agency came. They put on a beautiful performance where they told us that the food could have been poisoned because they thought it was the chef, so they took us to the hospital for substance analysis.”

The tests would show if she had cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, amphetamines or antidepressants in her blood, but she tested negative for everything.

“So we get our house ransacked and I don’t find out. We spent our first day in the hospital and were robbed by someone who saw me sleeping with everything out, and that’s what disturbs me the most,” Bonino concludes.

Real Madrid star Fede Valverde and Mina Bonino had to relocate after the unfortunate event, and security was tightened as they stayed in Ibiza for two more weeks.