Real Madrid game one of the worst days of his life – Manchester City star reveals

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City star Rodri has revealed Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final defeat to Real Madrid was one of the worst days of his life.

Manchester City thought they were through to the final as they were leading 5-3 on aggregate before Rodrygo scored two goals in the 90th minute and a minute later to force the game into extra time.

Karim Benzema then scored in extra time to to secure a 6-5 aggregate victory for Real Madrid.

Rodri told reporters: “I always try to learn about these kinds of situations. I don’t know why, football gives you good things and bad things.

“Two weeks later, we had the Aston Villa game that happened the same, and that’s a good point, to learn about these kinds of things.

“Of course it’s tough. I think it was one of the worst days of my life, because it was in Madrid, in my home [town], and then after the game I saw my family, and I couldn’t speak. Even my mum was there, and I couldn’t speak, not one word.

“But football is like this, of course it’s tough, but you have to focus on it’s just a sport and try next time. It’s like the coach said: we’re going to try next year and next year and next year.”