Carlo Ancelotti reveals why his Real Madrid squad will continue to be successful

Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid
Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed the right blend of youth and experience in his Madrid squad is the secret to the team’s success.

The Italian is happy to have the humility and experience of the veteran players as well as the energy and enthusiasm of the young players in his squad.

Ancelotti said: “I think the key thing has been the humility and the experience of the veterans we’ve got here, along with the energy and enthusiasm of the younger guys.

“They’re different generations but with a common goal – to play for Real Madrid. When you have players of that quality, who have had so much success but maintain that humility, it’s easy to manage.

“The feeling of satisfaction you get when you win the Champions League doesn’t leave you. You don’t want anyone else to take your place and that’s a huge motivation to try and keep winning.”