Casemiro is joining struggling Manchester United – Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti confirms

Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has given an update on the transfer of Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro to Manchester United.

Ancelotti confirmed Casemiro’s transfer to Manchester United in his Friday press conference: “Casemiro wants to try a new challenge, and I and the club understand that.

“After all, he’s done for this club, we need to respect his decision.”

The Madrid boss continued: “Casemiro is leaving but we have a lot of resources to replace him. There is no turning back, Casemiro has decided to try a new challenge. We want to wish him the very best.

“Just yesterday I realized that Casemiro is leaving, but our plans don’t change – we’ll compete for everything with or without Casemiro.

“I think Casemiro has been a key player for us, he was important to Kroos and Modric – the combination was key to success.

“Casemiro’s teammates understand his decision, they respect it – it was his will to try a new challenge and we have to accept it.

“I can’t reply to why Casemiro traded European Champions for a struggling side, it’s his personal decision.”