Toni Kroos explains why the Premier League isn’t the best league in the world

Toni Kroos Real Madrid
Photo: Getty images

Supporters of the Premier League usually claim the Premier League is the best in the world but what does Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos think?

Kroos believes the Premier League is only the best in the world economically but doesn’t believe they are the best when it comes to football on offer.

Kroos said: “Premier League is the best? Economically speaking, yes. It has a wide range of good teams also. Television money is significantly higher in Premier League. The Premier League has not won an international title this year.”

Kroos also gave his take on Super League.

He added: “I’ll put it this way: Never contradict your own president (laughs). My opinion on this: I still believe that it will come. But I can’t say when. In some form at least, maybe a little changed.”