Spanish chief tells everyone to ignore irresponsible La Liga president amid racism misconduct

Photo: Ben McShane/Sportsfile for Web Summit via Getty Images

La Liga president Javier Tebas made a mockery of himself, after he failed to condemn the racist abuse Vinicius suffered in the game against Valencia.

The president of Spanish football, RFEF, Luis Rubiales has rather shown his support for Vinicius Jr, and has told everyone to ignore Javier Tebas.

“I have decided to appear as the head of Spanish football because this matter has taken on a dimension beyond football,” Rubiales said as quoted by Relevo.

“We have a problem and the first thing is to recognize it. Behavior, education and racism. As long as there is even one undesirable person who insults because of their condition, creed or skin color, we have a serious problem that stains an entire club… and an entire country.

“Vinicius Jr. and anyone who suffers a racist insult has my support and that of the RFEF. We are here to support, help and ask them to help us.


“I am not going to enter into anyone’s behaviour, that’s what the referees are. We can’t compare a problem that is a grain of sand with another that is a desert.

“Vinicius is surely more right than we think and the RFEF can do more. The goal we have set for ourselves is that soon, Vinicius and all those who have suffered it can say that all this is behind us.”

“Ignore the irresponsible behavior of Javier Tebas who is on social media engaging with a footballer who hours before has received racist insults,” Rubiales added, referring to the La Liga president’s insensitive comments on Twitter.