Valencia captain shows support for Vinicius but reveals the bad thing he did

Photo: Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Valencia captain Jose Gaya has sent a message of support to Vinicius Jr, following the racist abuse he suffered at the Estadio de Mestalla on Sunday.

Gaya has called for a lifetime ban for those fans who racially abused Vinicius.

“We condemn all insults and that’s what the cameras are there for,” Gaya told Movistar, as quoted by Diario Sport.

“If it is clear who it was, I don’t want him to enter a football stadium again. Racist insults don’t make any sense, because we also have players of colour. It doesn’t make sense, I don’t understand it.”

However, Gaya also criticised Vinicius for mocking Valencia with a gesture indicating they are going to get relegated.

According to Gaya, Vinicius was very wrong for disrespecting the club.

“Making ‘to the Segunda’ gestures is not right,” he added.

“I can understand it, he tries to take out his anger in that way but one thing doesn’t take away from the other. I denounce those racist insults but he can’t do that either because it was a minority of people.”