Karim Benzema slammed for doing nothing as Vinicius suffer

Photo: Francisco Macia/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Real Madrid fans have slammed captain Karim Benzema for not doing enough to support Vinicius Jr when he was rounded by Valencia players on Sunday.

The Los Blancos fans believe Benzema was too weak and passive, and that former skipper Sergio Ramos would have done better in that situation.

Vinicius was racially abused by Valencia fans, and the fans are of the opinion that Ramos would have worked out with the team.

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soyjav (Reddit): “I miss Sergio Ramnos now more than ever.”

Radinax (Reddit): “In my eyes, the captains are Courtois and Vazquez.”

FeyValentine (Twitter): I wish Benzema would defend Vinicius half as much as Cristiano did with him. If it is not for Rudiguer and Militao today he will not leave the field alive.”

JdristaJr (Twitter): “BENZEMA as a captain is absolutely awful. He’s just there for the vibes and making sure the camera catches his good angles for his drip videos. Ramos would’ve made the team walk off the second Vinicius got abused.”

Perry (Twitter): “Ramos, Pepe Casemiro Marcelo. These were the MEN, they stood up for the team An opponent is holding Vinicius’s neck and Benzema and co are watching Ahh!!”

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  1. Even before this most unfortunate incidence, I’ve never seen Benzema as a quintessential cap.

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