Ancelotti reveals where England is better than Spain

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has had two different spells as a manager in both the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League.

The Italian believes the Premier League is way ahead of the La Liga in terms of handling racism and abuses from fans.

According to Ancelotti, the EPL has taken a huge stand long ago, while the La Liga is still playing soft.

He said: “The protocol is obsolete, there’s no doubt about that. That protocol should have been applied as soon as the bus arrived at the stadium because that’s when the insults started.

“When I hear that Vinicius provoked certain situations it’s not true because these insults started when the bus arrived.

“Condemning this problem is not enough because you have to act and take actions and take measures for this problem to be solved and for these actions to stop.

“There are countries where you are not insulted during games. In England, for example, you don’t hear insults during the games because these issues have been resolved long ago.

“When certain teams were expelled from competitions they took measures and solved those situations. The measures were so harsh that right now, during games, you can hardly see any police at the stadiums because there are no insults. Here the situation is totally different, here it looks like we are going to war. Fortunately in England they have resolved this issue long ago by taking very drastic measures and actions.”