Ancelotti reveals where he disagrees with Vinicius Jr

Vinicius Jr called Spain a racist country, after a large section of the Valencia supporters racially abused him on Sunday.

For Ancelotti, he doesn’t agree that Spain is a racist country, and he has said that not all the Valencia fans joined in the act.

“When I talk about Mestalla [Valencia stadium] it’s not to 46,000 people [abused Vinicius], but to a group that has done very badly,” Ancelotti said.

“As in Mallorca, Valladolid…it’s a custom. Beyond racism, it seems customary to insult.

“It seems to me What Xavi said is exemplary: Why do we normalize insults in football? They accused me that I wasn’t “cute” but rather “stupid” So why can that be said? It’s intolerable anyway. It has to stop.”

“The benches call you “son of a bitch”, “faggot”, “let your mother die” Because? All this is a great opportunity to stop it.

“And I want to say that Spain is not racist, but there is racism in Spain. And it has to change.”

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