Real Madrid suffer fresh ban

When we hear the term ‘El Clasico’, what comes to mind is the hotly contested clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The word has become synonymous for Barcelona and Real Madrid games all over the world, as the Clasico is one of the most watched games across the globe.

However, Barcelona and Real Madrid have been banned from using the term ‘El Clasico’ to describe their derby matches.

The ruling comes from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, which has ruled that neither club can use the name to market matches or their historical rivalry for the foreseeable future. Both must immediately cease using the term in all of their promotional materials.

Relevo has claimed that the decision was made following Real Madrid’s unsuccessful attempt to trademark the term ‘El Clasico.’

The patent office rejected Real Madrid’s request, and ruled that the term was too similar to the brand already established by La Liga, known as ‘ElClásico.’

Concerns were raised that the continual use of the ‘El Clasico’ could harm the reputation of the Spanish domestic league.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have a month to decide whether or not to appeal the decision, knowing that they have built a brand around this fixture across the globe.