Real Madrid star admits unhappiness with Carlo Ancelotti

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Real Madrid forward Rodrygo, has admitted he was unhappy with manager Carlo Ancelotti, for taking him off against Sevilla.

The Los Blancos were 2-1 ahead, with Rodrygo scoring both goals. He was however denied the chance to score a hat-trick as Ancelotti decided to sub him off.

Speaking after the game, Rodrygo said: “I was a bit angry because I wanted to score one more and make it a hat-trick (laughs). But that’s OK.

“The coach told me that it was no big deal and that we were going to win anyway.”

Speaking about the decision, Carlo Ancelotti explained: “Rodrygo wanted to stay on the pitch to go for a hat-trick, but I told him that we had different objectives.

“He wanted to score, but I didn’t want to concede a goal. We finished with four centre-backs and managed the game well.”