This may not be my last contract with Real Madrid – 33-year-old player says

Photo: Federico Titone/Europa Press via Getty Images

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos recently penned a contract extension with the club.

The 33-year-old was close to the end of his contract, and many were wondering whether he’d sign a new contract or chase the paper bags from oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

Kroos has penned a new deal this week to the summer of 2024, and the German star has said it may not be his last contract with the club.

He said on his personal podcast: “We will have to see how we are, if the season goes well, if they tell me to continue and so on. I will ask myself the same questions now and we will decide.

“They could have pressured me to renew, but it was not. At one point I told them what I wanted, so they would be sure of my position. My state of health is good, I can contribute.

“I have always said that it is key for me to retire at a great level, and not crawl on the field. I feel like it’s still like this. I am very happy to accept this offer, there is respect between the two.

“One of the people I should thank most for this renewal is my wife. She said ‘do what you want’. That surprised me a lot, and I said to her: ‘Don’t you want me to be more at home or what?'”