Eden Hazard thrives in chaos – Former teammate reveals secret about axed Real Madrid star

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Real Madrid paid big money to sign Eden Hazard four years ago, and the Belgian never succeeded at Real Madrid, despite his previous success at Chelsea.

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany was Hazard’s teammate at the Belgian national team, and played against him while as a Manchester City player.

Kompany was asked about Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard in their prime.

Kompany told The Overlap:  “I say this a lot but they asked me the question at the time when Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard were at their primes, and they said who is the better player, Eden Hazard or Kevin De Bruyne? I was like ‘they’re two very different players.

“You give Kevin De Bruyne a plan, which he’s getting from Pep, he can have the picture in his mind before he gets the ball and he’s the best player in the world. Nobody can do what he does.

“He doesn’t actually have to open his eyes, it’s all in his head. Anything simple, because he does it so well, he’s better than anybody else.

“But if you give Eden Hazard chaos – no organisation no structure – nobody is better than him other than maybe Messi, but that’s the level. They weave their way, they ride a challenge, turn one way, turn the other way. Next thing you know he comes out and his next pass and frees up someone because he’s attracted so many around him.”

Hazard’s contract was terminated at the end of the season, despite having a year left.