It’s not the first or second time – Vinicius cries out as he suffers fresh racial abuse

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Real Madrid full-back Vinicius Tobias, has revealed his sadness after suffering a fresh racial abuse.

Vinicius Tobias who features for Real Madrid B side Castilla,

During Sunday’s playoff match between Eldense and Real Madrid Castilla, Vinícius Tobias was racially abused.

AS report that as the 19-year-old Brazilian picked up the ball on the sideline to take the throw-in, a young boy (no more than 12) in the stands behind him was seen shouting “puto mono” (f*cking monkey) in his direction.

A hurt Vinicius took to his social media to speak on the matter, after the game.

“The saddest thing is that you never expect something like this from a child. A child yelling ‘monkey’!”, he wrote on Instagram, sharing the television image where the child can be seen yelling in his direction.

He added: “It is sad to see players suffering this type of prejudice. It’s neither the first nor the second time it’s happened; it’s a daily occurrence and you can’t imagine how much it hurts. It has to end, the limits have been exceeded. Skin colour means nothing, we are all the same. We want respect. This is the minimum!”