PSG not happy with Mbappe after latest comment

Photo: Getty images

Football journalist Fabrizio Romano has revealed that PSG aren’t happy with star man Kylian Mbappe over his recent outburst.

The 23-year-old recently called PSG a ‘divisive club’, as he continues to fight his way leave Paris for Madrid.

“Yes, it is the reality, they complained to Al-Khelaifi because of some sentences Mbappe said in the interview,” Romano said.

“PSG were not happy with Mbappe’s words. They want to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

“The player is considered on the market if Mbappe does not extend the contract. PSG will communicate the price the moment the negotiations happen but at the moment, the price is not clear because PSG are waiting for the final answer from Mbappe.

“From what I feel, people around PSG have an agreement ready with Real Madrid for 2024. We can’t confirm if there is an agreement but the feeling is really strong.

“On Real Madrid side, they know very well the steps of this Mbappe story. They are very quiet at the moment, they are not making any public statements because PSG were not happy in the past with their statements about the Mbappe situation.

“But Real Madrid are waiting for PSG to clarify the price for this summer, or to act next summer on a free. From PSG, they are convinced it’s not Liverpool or any English clubs, it’s Real Madrid.

“What they don’t understand at PSG is why Mbappe doesn’t want to agree on a contract extension for one more year, until 2025, as they originally planned, and then negotiate an exit in the summer of 2024. ‘If Mbappe wants to stay at PSG for one more season, let’s negotiate a contract extension until 2025 and then we can sell you in summer 2024, to any club you want’, that’s what PSG are stating.

“But the position of the player has to be respected, there is no communication from him to PSG about that [contract extension], and the only thing he communicated is that he’s not going to trigger the option to extend the contract so it has to be a separate negotiation for a new contract for another year.

“So it’s a very tense situation and they don’t have Mbappe’s final answer yet.”