Carlo Ancelotti told he’d struggle in Brazil

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti is set to take charge of the Brazilian national team next year.

The Italian is in his final year as Real Madrid manager, before he’d step down from the job.

The president of Brazil meanwhile, doesn’t seem too impressed by Ancelotti’s CV.

Luiz Lula, the Brazilian president, believes Ancelotti may struggle if he comes to coach in the Brazilian league.

“I like Ancelotti but he’s never managed Italy. Why doesn’t he solve Italy’s problems? They weren’t at the last World Cup. It’s very easy to coach in Europe,” says Luiz Lula.

“What’s difficult is to manage Corinthians [a big Brazilian club currently threatened with relegation]. I’d love to see if Ancelotti can do it with Corinthians.”