Agent claims Barcelona signed the better Brazilian player than Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona have snapped up two of Brazil’s talented players respectively.

Real Madrid signed Endrick, while Barca have signed Vitor Roque.

Vitor Roque’s agent, Andre Cury, has spoken on his client’s move to Barcelona, and compared Roque to Real Madrid’s signing of 16-year-old Endrick Felipe.

According to Cury, Vitor Roque is the better player.

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He said: “If you ask me who has made a better hiring Barca or Madrid, it’s very clear. I have already said it in other interviews and I reiterate it again. In my opinion, Vitor is better than Endrick.

“Always in my life I try to be impartial, but I see Vitor Roque playing wearing the number nine for Brazil, for everything he does in every game with Paranaense.”