Ancelotti explains why he wants to use a new formation for next season

There have been reports that Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti will try out a new formation in pre-season, ahead of the coming campaign.

Ancelotti has affirmed that he’s indeed trying out a new system, and has explained why.

According to Ancelotti, he needs to tweak his system based on the players he has.

Without Karim Benzema as his focal point, Ancelotti is now planning to use a 4-4-2 system next season.

He explained: “When I started coaching I had a clear idea and I didn’t adapt to the players I had.

“I had an experience at Parma, where Baggio wanted to play as a playmaker and I didn’t change the system. He went to another team. And I was wrong. At Juventus, with Zidane, I started to understand that it’s better to adapt to the players.

“Players have to feel comfortable in the system they play. I adapted and I’m still adapting. This year we might play a different system. We don’t have to forget that the system we have played with has been very successful, but we can try a new style. We’re going to try it on the tour, which is a good time to do so.”