We will beat Barcelona when it matters most – Real Madrid star insists

Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid were beaten 3-0 by Barcelona in a pre-season friendly match in the United States.

The Los Blancos were favourites ahead of the tie, but ended up on the losing side.

Speaking after the game, Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal admitted that the defeat felt bitter, but he however maintained that Real Madrid will end up on the winning side when it matters most.

“Losing against Barcelona can leave a bad taste in the mouth, but you have to know the moment we are in, what the game means,” Dani Carvajal has said.

“I am convinced that in official competition, we are going to beat Barcelona and win.

“In the friendly [against Barca] we had chances and hit the bar five times. We even missed a penalty.

“Don’t worry, when the moment of truth arrives we will pass over them,” Carvajal reassured.