I was disappointed with last season – Courtois fires message to new Real Madrid signings

Photo: Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has admitted he was disappointed with last season’s campaign.

Courtois admits the La Liga performance was poor at times, and winning the Super Cup and Club World Cup wasn’t enough.

He urged for the new signings to put in a top performance this season, and help the team.

He told TLN TV: “We want to redeem ourselves a bit from last year. I don’t think we had a bad year: In the beginning we won the European Super Cup and started well in the league, but after the World Cup we weren’t able to maintain our level.

“We lost the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona and not in the best way, then we lost many league games. We were suddenly too far behind.

“I think La Liga always sets the tone throughout the season. The Champions League can help you, but it’s different. We are happy with the victory in the Copa del Rey and access to the semi-finals of Champions League, but obviously not for the 4-0 defeat against Manchester City. So this year we will try again to reach the end of the Champions League and win as many trophies as we can.

“In Madrid, any competition you play you want to win. We’ve had some exciting signings as Bellingham and I think we’re all excited about the new season – after last season, we hope to get off to a good start this year.”