‘He should be arrested’ –Florentino Perez slams Spanish FA president for kissing female player

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has come under fire for kissing World Cup star Jenni Hermoso on the lips while Spain celebrated their World Cup win during the weekend.

Rubiales was among the officials who greeted the players immediately after they received their gold medals, after they beat England in the final.

The FA boss was seen hugging the players a bit too tightly, and rather crossed the line when he planted a kiss on Hermoso’s lips after hugging her.

Rubiales has now apologised for his actions.

“There is something I regret and that is what happened between me and a player, a player with whom I have a magnificent relationship, as I do with others,” Rubiales said in his apology later.

“I have to admit I made a mistake because, in a moment of maximum euphoria, without any bad intentions or bad faith on either side, what happened happened.

“It was very spontaneous, without any bad faith from any party.

“Here, we saw it as something normal, but outside it seems to have caused an uproar.

“It seems people have been hurt by this and I have to apologize.

“I’ll try to learn from this and understand that, when you are president of an institution as important as the Spanish football federation, you have to be more careful, especially in ceremonies and in these types of matters.”

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is having none of his explanation, and has called for his arrest.

“Rubiales shouldn’t be in charge of anything in the country. He should be arrested,” Perez said.