Mbappe reveals why he changed his mind about the GOAT argument

The GOAT debate has lasted way more than a decade now, since Cristiano Ronaldo picked up his first Ballon d’Or in 2008.

It has indeed been a very massive debate among football fans.

PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe grew up as a Ronaldo fan, and the Real Madrid legend was his hero while growing up. However, it’s Lionel Messi he’d go on to have as his teammate.

Mbappe has now explained why he stopped getting involved in the rivalry and debate, but rather chose to enjoy the two players.

“I love Cristiano and I was a big fan of him when I was young,” the Frenchman said as quoted by SportBible.

“But I start to learn Messi too. When you are a big fan of Cristiano, when you are young, you can’t see how Messi is good because you love Cristiano.

“But I grew up and I like both now.”