Don’t do that – Real Madrid legend sends warning to Jude Bellingham

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Former Real Madrid player and coach Bernd Schuster, has hailed Jude Bellingham for a brilliant start to life at Real Madrid.

Just 20, Bellingham has taken Madrid and La Liga by storm, and his brilliance has been admired by all.

Schuster is also confident Bellingham’s instant success won’t be allowed to go to his head.

Schuster said, “Especially at Real Madrid it is incredibly important to show the level you have from the first minute. Even as a young player, you don’t have time for it. Fans, but also those in charge, immediately judge whether you will succeed or not. As a player and coach, I have seen many people fail. Bellingham has mastered this first step impressively.

“When you sign for such a global club, you can’t think too much about the fact that you are suddenly playing alongside greats like Kroos and Modric.

“You shouldn’t doubt yourself, you have to show with joy that you deserve a place on this team and give everything to keep it.”

Speaking about the pressure that comes with playing for Real Madrid, Schuster also claimed that Bellingham has handled that very well.

He went on: “The pressure in Madrid is very noticeable. In Spain people talk about Real 24 hours a day, whether they are experts or fans. And you will notice this even if you close all the doors and windows at home.

“And when you go out to dinner, people irritate you. Not everyone can stand it.”

He continued: “The fascinating thing for people is that a recently unknown boy has suddenly found a place in this team full of superstars so naturally. He does not faint before Kroos and Modric, but he learns immediately alongside them.

“For the Spanish on the street, after his goals, there is currently only Bellingham and nothing else. What struck me very positively about him was that, despite great difficulties, he never breaks down and fights again and again. This attitude and this hard work will also be important in the future because he will now face increasingly difficult matches.

“It is remarkable that he works so well in his new position as a half forward and creates such a goal threat. With Benzema and Asensio, Real ended up losing 40 goals in the summer.”

Schuster however warned Bellingham of his arrogant celebration away from home.

He said: “I don’t see the danger of all this going to his head. Not only does he have an experienced trainer, but he also has great teammates who can kick his a** if necessary to keep him steady. It is a very typical mechanism in the Real locker room. He has also celebrated goals in rival fields.

“This is not welcome in Spain. He has to be careful, otherwise he could get into trouble away from home.”