Camavinga reveals one thing he really wants to improve on

Photo: Ion Alcoba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Eduardo Camavinga has revealed that he really wants to improve on his goalscoring.

The 20-year-old didn’t score all through last season, and scored two goals two seasons ago.

Camavinga has scored only two goals since signing for Real Madrid, and it’s a record the young midfielder really wants to improve upon.

Camavinga said: “I don’t score enough goals and I need to get to the opposition’s goal more often.

“I have to get better in these aspects and I’m already trying to do that on the pitch.”

Camavinga is back in his favoured midfield position this season, even though he spent the bulk of last season playing as a left-back.

Speaking on his experience playing as a left-back, Camavinga said: “I’m a team player and everyone knows that I don’t like playing in that position, but there are times when you have to do things for the team and I did it.

“As a result of that I’ve played more and I’ve picked up more experience. I don’t like the position, but I had to do it for the team.”