Jude Bellingham reveals one thing he’s learnt at Real Madrid

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Jude Bellingham has taken to life in Spain very quickly.

Signed with a huge reputation and transfer fee for a 20-year-old, Bellingham remains unfazed and is focused on being the best.

Bellingham has picked up the Madrid spirit, and it’s evident in the winning mentality he possesses.

Speaking to TNT Sports after Real Madrid defeated Union Berlin, Bellingham said: “That’s the history of the club. I’m new to the club but I’ve watched them on TV since I was little.

“I can’t remember from what age I’ve been watching Madrid complete comebacks when I’ve been thinking there’s no chance and it’s not possible.

“I think when you are around those players everyday who have been part of those triumphs in the past, you just pick it up and it rubs off on you, and I think if you don’t have it then [your teammates] sniff it out of you.

“It is important that I keep learning from the guys in the [Madrid dressing room] who are brilliant players, brilliant professionals, so I’ve just got to keep going on the path that I’m on.”