He’s the future

Photo: James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham has received massive praise from his countryman, Harry Kane.

Bellingham has been brilliant since signing for Real Madrid, and Kane has tipped the 20-year-old to be the future, not only for Madrid but the Three Lions as well.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise,” Kane told Marca. “Obviously, I’ve been able to work with Jude for a long time and we know he’s a fantastic player. He gave us a fantastic World Cup. Although he is very young, he has great maturity. He’s very focused, so he doesn’t surprise me.

“He’s a brilliant player, he’s full of confidence at the moment and has amazing ability, so adding more goals to his CV is the perfect solution for him. I am very happy for him and that he is enjoying himself in Madrid. He will want to continue with that dynamic the rest of the season.

“It’s fantastic to have him in our team and, obviously, being so young, he is going to be the future of our team and probably of Real Madrid as well, so it is a pleasure to see him.”

Kane also hailed Bellingham’s maturity for a 20-year-old.

“He is a very mature boy for his age,” Kane continued. “He is quite calm, reserved and, when he is on the field, he demonstrates his ability and talks and motivates the players around him.

“So yes, I think, as always, you learn more and more about your teammates the longer you play with them, but I know he has a great passion and a great desire for the game, and for being that age he is showing a lot of qualities. in all aspects of football.”