Will unhappy Modric leave Real Madrid in January? Ancelotti answers

Luka Modric Real Madrid
Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has admitted again that Luka Modric isn’t happy about his current role.

The 38-year-old midfield veteran has become a sub player at the club – something he isn’t used to.

Reports claim Modric has told Ancelotti he will seek to leave when the market reopens in January, unless he is given better playing opportunities.

Ancelotti has denied the rumours, but admitted that Modric is indeed unhappy.

Carlo Ancelotti said: “I don’t think Modric is considering leaving in January. He is still very important and we are happy with this.

“I speak with Modric every day and what Modric contributes in the locker room no one can contribute. For me it is very important when he doesn’t play because he motivates his teammates. He doesn’t like not playing and it affects him, I understand that.

“The young players we have give us a lot of energy. But you can play with veterans. I have won with a 40-year-old centre-back (Paolo Maldini) and with a 36-year-old midfielder (Modric).”