Jude Bellingham breaks silence after tormenting Barcelona

Photo: Getty images

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Despite scoring twice for Real Madrid in the 2-1 victory over Barcelona, Jude Bellingham has claimed he wasn’t at his best level.

After Gundogan gave Barcelona the lead in the first-half, Bellingham smashed Madrid level from distance. He then broke Barcelona hearts in stoppage time, appearing in the right place at the right time to give Los Blancos a win over Barcelona.

“Today I wasn’t at my best level,” Bellingham told Real Madrid TV.

“It’s about combining with those above and being able to help the team and today I wasn’t at all well but I was able to score two goals.

“It has been very fun to play this game. I just spoke with my family. I told them that I was very excited before the game because I had watched many Clasicos from the couch at home and I told them that today was my turn. I did it.

“Right now everything is going well for me. I prepare the games well. I am training well and I just want to learn and improve”