Real Madrid fans in laughter as one Madrid player sends Barca players to therapy

Photo: Getty images

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Barcelona fans and players were left in trauma, as Jude Bellingham scored a stoppage time effort to seal a 2-1 victory for Real Madrid over Barcelona.

Barcelona were beaten on their home turf, despite having taken an early lead in the first half.

According to a recent report from Diario AS, Barcelona players are going to attend group therapy following the 1-2 El Clasico defeat.

The therapy session is said to be aimed at helping the Barcelona players move on from the ‘painful defeat’ suffered against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid fans have been having a good laugh about this.

See some comments below:

OB: “Ain’t no way Bellingham traumatized Barca enough to send them to THERAPY.”

M_adrileno: “Loool Jude look at what have you done sending a whole team to therapy is crazy.”

Hugo: “Bellingham effect.”