Carlo Ancelotti reveals what he wants to see against Rayo Vallecano

Photo: Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

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Real Madrid play host to Rayo Vallecano later tonight, and it’s an opportunity for Real to go back top of the table.

Carlo Ancelotti has told his players to expect a difficult task, and has urged them to put a fight for the three points, as the fight for the La Liga continues.

Ancelotti said: “We’ve been strong at the Bernabéu so far. The atmosphere always helps us, it’s our home and we want to put in a good performance, I hope we can stay top of the table.”

“We will rotate over the next three games but the priority is tomorrow. We’ll be playing against a side in very good form, they’re well organised and solid. We have three games at home and now is the time to make a statement in LaLiga and the Champions League.

“It will be a hard-fought LaLiga campaign. We’ll be fighting against Barcelona and Atlético until the end and we’ll see how Girona go because they’re playing brilliantly. Those are the teams, Real Madrid included, who will be battling out to win the competition.”