Eden Hazard claims he was a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo

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Eden Hazard spent seven years with Chelsea, and was seen as the best player in the Premier League during that time.

Hazard went on to spend four years with Real Madrid, but it didn’t work out for him in Spain.

Nevertheless, Hazard has said he was a more special player than Cristiano Ronaldo, even though Ronaldo had a better career.

For Hazard, only Lionel Messi was better than him.

“Individually, Messi is perhaps the only one. I loved watching him as a Barcelona player, less so at the end, but he’s the greatest in history. It’s impossible to take the ball away from him,” Eden Hazard told L’Equipe.

“Cristiano is a bigger player than me but, in terms of pure football, I honestly don’t think so.

“Neymar, maybe. After that, he’s no better than me, but at Real, you’ve got the best, also in terms of their careers: Benzema, Modric, they were the best, Kroos, Kev’ [De Bruyne], they all exude football.”

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