Girona boss surrenders after losing 4-0 to Real Madrid

Girona boss Michel, has admitted that Girona aren’t in Real Madrid’s league.

The Catalan club has been massively involved in the title race, and were ahead of Real Madrid until recently.

Real now have a five-point gap on Girona following the 4-0 victory on Saturday.

Michel has said Real Madrid are indeed superior to Girona.

Michel said after the game: “There’s no one to blame [for the defeat].

“We gave it our all but in duels they were far superior. Camavinga, Vini, Bellingham… we are just not at that level. Our league is not this one: we are a step or two away from Madrid, that’s the reality.

“Winning every game has cost us, but we have the humility to know how to lose; there is nothing to object to Madrid’s victory, they have been superior, few teams can stand up to Madrid when they go at the pace they have gone at.

“Our league is Bilbao, Betis, Real Sociedad, Valencia… we can’t be in the league of Madrid or Barca or Atletico, they are transatlantic.”

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