Real Madrid to pay MILLIONS to Chelsea after reaching Champions League final

Chelsea Football Club are set to receive a £5 million bonus from Real Madrid due to a clause activated by Real Madrid’s qualification for this year’s UEFA Champions League final.

This payment by Real Madrid comes as part of the extensive transfer agreement set during Eden Hazard’s move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019.

Despite Hazard’s early retirement from professional football in October at the age of 32, the terms of the original transfer continue to benefit Chelsea.

The deal, valued at up to £130 million, included a variety of performance-based add-ons, one of which was contingent upon Real Madrid’s success in European competitions.

The Telegraph reports that while Hazard and Real Madrid mutually terminated their contract earlier than the agreed five-year term, the stipulations regarding additional payments remained intact. Chelsea initially received £88 million as a direct transfer fee, with the remainder of the potential £130 million coming from such conditional bonuses.

Hazard’s tenure at Real Madrid was marred by injuries, limiting him to only 54 appearances in La Liga over the course of his stay. Despite these challenges, the financial terms of his transfer continue to provide residual benefits to Chelsea.

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